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While Best Dental Spa is located in Hoffman Estates, we’re proud to treat patients looking for a quality dentist in Palatine, IL, or the other surrounding communities we serve. Our office offers a wide variety of services so you can get all the dental care you need under one roof. As a family dentist office, we welcome patients of all ages, too.

Age-Specific Dental Care

Since we take care of patients of all ages, we know the best possible care for each age group. We want to provide preventative care or treatment that’s tailored to the most common issues your age group suffers from. The same issues that impact a toddler most heavily aren’t usually the ones that impact a teenager or adult.

For younger children, tooth decay and cavities are the biggest issues. Children tend to have diets higher in sugar and aren’t as diligent about their oral healthcare. Dental sealants are a preventative measure that can help protect children’s teeth. The material is painted onto the teeth that are most vulnerable, providing an extra layer of protection from harmful bacteria.

Wisdom teeth problems plague teenagers and young adults. Most of the time, our mouths don’t have enough room for this extra set of molars. If the teeth erupt, they make the mouth cramped, and the teeth can become crooked. If they’re impacted under the surface, they can cause infection and pain. Most of the time, we recommend wisdom tooth removal.

The years take their toll on our teeth, just like the rest of our bodies. Seniors are the population that suffers the most from missing teeth. Dr. Dhara Patel is an experienced prosthodontist who specializes in dental restorations and tooth replacement. We offer dental implants, the most-recommended replacement option, as well as various other methods to fit your needs.

Advanced Dental Technology

We take pride in offering the latest treatments and the best dental technology available. This allows us to provide the highest standard of care for all of our patients. Technology helps make treatment faster and more comfortable for both patients and the dental staff.

CEREC restorations allow patients to get dental crowns in a day at our office instead of waiting weeks for the crown to be crafted in a lab. This is especially useful for emergency dental situations. Instead of needing to place a temporary crown, we can usually get your full dental restoration taken care of in one visit.

Laser dentistry is one of the best developments in dental technology. Our soft tissue laser takes the place of other dental tools for periodontal disease treatment and other issues. The laser is extremely precise, targeting only the areas that need treatment. The energy of the laser sterilizes the area as it treats and also cauterizes. You don’t need stitches, there’s less bleeding and downtime, and treatment is less painful than other options.

Digital imagery makes everything a little bit easier in the dental field. We get a more complete picture of your mouth so that we can treat you more effectively. CBCT imagery is what we use for dental implant placement. It helps us know the exact angle and area where your implant will be most effective.

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