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Dentures may be right for you if you have multiple missing teeth and want a fuller and more balanced smile. Complete or partial dentures in Hoffman Estates, IL can help fill the gaps left by missing teeth and prevent further oral health and aesthetic problems, including:

Replacing missing teeth also provides multiple benefits to patients. Dentures:

  • Provide durability
  • Improve biting and chewing ability
  • Prevent facial sagging
  • Improve speech
  • Reduce the risk of gum disease

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Treatment with Dentures and Partials

Before choosing a treatment option, Dr. Dhara Patel will examine the health of your teeth and gums, assessing your bite and tooth structure. She will also review your specific dental needs before choosing a restorative treatment, which may consist of full or partial dentures.

Complete dentures replace most or all of a patient’s teeth. You can have a full denture on your upper or lower jaws. Sometimes these dentures are inserted immediately after remaining damaged or decayed teeth are removed. An advantage of this option is that patients have teeth during the healing period.

Conventional dentures can be made once the tissues have healed after six to eight weeks. Dr. Patel also offers all-on-four dental implants. This option can be used to secure a denture with four or more dental implants.

A removable denture or over-denture is an option that fits over several remaining natural teeth or dental implants. Partial dentures fill in the gaps left by missing teeth and are a great option for patients with several missing teeth but some natural ones remaining.

Removable partial dentures usually consist of replacement teeth attached to plastic bases connected by a metal framework. These dentures attach to natural teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments, which blend in with teeth. Dental crowns can also be placed on natural teeth to improve the fit of a removable partial denture.

Dentures FAQs

How many hours a day should you wear your dentures?

Patients with dentures are recommended to remove them every day for at least 6 hours. Most patients remove their dentures at night. People do not need to use their dentures at night, so most find that nighttime is the best time to remove them. This gives your mouth a break and time to clean or soak dentures.

Can you wear dentures if you have no teeth?

We highly recommend that patients with no teeth get complete dentures. If they have no remaining teeth, they may get full dentures. Patients with some teeth remaining may get partial dentures.

What is the average age for getting dentures?

Most people begin to lose teeth as they age. This presents the need for a solution to missing teeth. Many patients choose dentures to replace missing teeth. Some people may develop a need for dentures once they reach 40, while others may need them around 60 or 70.

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