Bad Breath Treatment Hoffman Estates, IL

If you suffer from persistent bad breath, let us know at your next dental appointment. Halitosis, or chronic bad breath, is one of the dental concerns we often treat at Best Dental Spa. Unlike morning breath or the smell of your breath after eating something smelly, halitosis sticks around even longer. This type of bad breath could be a sign of additional dental concerns.

Best Dental Spa is an experienced, modern, and caring dentist office in Hoffman Estates, IL. We specialize in comprehensive family dentistry services. Dr. Patel is known for providing her patients compassionate care and working with them to create a personalized treatment plan to remedy their halitosis. Rest assured, we will take this dental concern seriously and help you resolve any underlying issues causing your halitosis.

Treatment for bad breath in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Halitosis Treatment in Hoffman Estates, IL

If you suspect you are dealing with halitosis, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel today. Halitosis treatment plans will vary depending on what the underlying cause is. Several reasons that someone might be suffering from bad breath, include:

Dietary Habits

If you regularly consume foods and beverages like garlic, onions, or coffee, this could cause bad breath. Your diet directly affects the air you exhale. Eating fruits or vegetables like apple slices or carrots, known to freshen your breath, helps fight off a lingering bad smell.


Cavities are places in your teeth where tooth decay has set in, creating new small indentions for more bacteria and residue to make a home in your mouth. When you have one or more cavities, you may find it increasingly difficult to maintain fresh breath. You will need a dental filling to treat your cavities.

Gum Disease

Many of our daily foods and beverages leave behind sugars, starches, and residues on our smile. When these sources of bacteria are left to harden on our tooth surfaces, they begin to eat away at the soft tissues of our smiles. This is the onset of gum disease, which is a common dental concern we treat in our office. Because of the excess amount of bacteria surrounding your gum line, you might experience halitosis.

Dry Mouth

If you are not producing enough saliva throughout the day, this could be causing your halitosis. Saliva production keeps your mouth moist and can wash away residues left behind by foods and drinks. Dr. Patel can offer some personalized suggestions on helping you rid yourself of dry mouth.

Halitosis can also be a symptom of other medical conditions like diabetes or kidney disease. If you find that maintaining a consistent oral hygiene routine is not doing the trick in keeping your breath fresh, Best Dental Spa can help you. Our entire team is here for you, and we will help you track down what the cause might be and treat it accordingly.

Bad Breath FAQs

Do you have questions about bad breath? Learn more about bad breath in our Hoffman Estates, IL, office.

Is chronic bad breath curable?

In most cases, bad breath can be cured through more diligent and consistent oral hygiene. Sometimes, when bad breath does not go away, it may signify other, more complex medical conditions.

What causes bad breath in the morning?

Bad breath occurs most commonly in the morning. This is a form of halitosis.

Your breath may smell bad in the morning because your saliva stays in your mouth for an extended period during the night. In most patients, bad breath goes away after brushing their teeth.

What foods should I eat to prevent bad breath?

You can eat some foods to limit bad breath and some foods to avoid. Chewing on herbs such as parsley, mint, rosemary, and eucalyptus reduces bad breath. Eating fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are high in fiber also reduces bad breath.

Get Fresher Breath

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If you have any questions about treating bad breath, let us know at your next visit. We can provide recommendations at regular visits.