Dental Fillings Hoffman Estates, IL

If you suffer from tooth decay and cavities, Dr. Patel offers dental fillings to restore the health and stability of your teeth. Dental fillings seal out decay after infection removal and cleaning of the area. In addition, certain types of fillings offer different benefits to patients. Durable, natural-looking, and stain-resistant materials now allow for a longer-lasting and natural-looking result. Visit Dr. Patel for all of your general dentistry needs.

Dental Fillings in Hoffman Estates, IL

Common Signs of Tooth Decay

There are multiple signs to look out for when tooth decay is present:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Staining on tooth enamel
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Toothaches
  • Pain when eating hot or cold foods

If you have noticed any of these symptoms, call 847.660.6603. You may need a root canal and dental filling to remove and seal out tooth decay. We remove infected nerves and blood vessels from within the tooth during a root canal. Then, we clean the tooth chamber and provide a filling.

You may not require a root canal if you have a cavity that has not reached the tooth chamber inside the tooth. In those cases, we will only recommend a dental filling.

Types of Fillings and Treatment

There are several types of dental fillings that offer different benefits to patients depending on their material and placement. Dr. Patel will recommend the most appropriate type of filling for your dental health and cosmetic needs.

Common types of dental fillings include:

  • Amalgam Fillings: Amalgam fillings are the standard filling material and are also known as “silver” fillings. They are durable, easy to apply, and are a great economical treatment option for patients.
  • Composite Resin Fillings: Also known as “white” fillings, composite resin fillings are color-matched to existing teeth for a natural-looking result. The composite resin material seals teeth and prevents future decay or infection for a long-lasting restoration.
  • Gold Fillings: Gold fillings are a good option for larger back teeth as they can provide a strong biting surface and durability. These fillings use other metals in addition to gold for increased strength.
  • Porcelain Fillings: Porcelain fillings reflect light for a natural-looking and stain-resistant result. This option is one of the most aesthetically pleasing for patients.
  • Inlays and Onlays: Inlays and onlays are high-quality ceramic or porcelain and blend in with natural teeth. They may require two visits to complete and offer the most stable result for treating larger teeth with more than one cusp. Inlays fill the area of the tooth between the sides, or cusps. Onlays cover the top of the tooth, including the tooth’s surface and tooth cusps.

The dentist removes tooth decay and any compromised tooth structure prior to treatment with dental fillings. The chosen filling material will then be adhered to and sculpted to teeth after the tooth is prepared. A dental filling will last for many years with good oral hygiene and routine dental care.

How to Care for Dental Fillings

Directly after you receive your new dental filling, avoid touching the area with your tongue or finger. You can potentially dislodge or lose your new filling if you disturb it. It will take time for the anesthetic to wear off. Once you no longer feel numb, you can begin to eat and drink.

If you eat before the anesthetic wears off, you can potentially bite your lip or cheek. Eating after the anesthetic wears off can prevent damage to your mouth’s soft tissues.

Avoid hard or crunchy foods that irritate or damage your fillings when eating and drinking. Eat soft foods and drink liquids. Do your best to avoid biting on the side of your filling. If you receive metal fillings, you will have to wait 24 hours before you can begin to eat normally.

You may feel pain and sensitivity after the anesthetic wears off. Taking over-the-counter pain medication will help relieve discomfort from your filling.

It can take two to three days to heal after you receive your dental filling fully. If you feel any bite discomfort or high points in your filling, please get in touch with our office. We want to ensure that you have an even bite and that your filling feels comfortable.

Dental Filling FAQs

Here we answer popular questions patients have about dental fillings:

How many cavities can a dentist fill at once?

Dentists may fill as many cavities as the patient is comfortable with having filled. With this being said, in most cases, dentists do not recommend having more than three cavities filled in one sitting. Your mouth needs time to heal.

Do fillings make your teeth weaker?

Cavities make your teeth weaker. The materials dentists use for fillings are strong, but they are not as strong as natural teeth and enamel. Once a tooth has begun to decay, it gets continually weaker. Fillings strengthen your teeth once a cavity has been filled.

How long do fillings last?

Fillings typically last between 10-12 years, depending on placement, size, care, and material. Some may last longer, while others need replacement sooner. It all depends on the material you choose for your dental fillings.

Are dental fillings painful?

We use a local anesthetic to numb your tooth when you receive a filling. You will not feel pain when you receive your filling. After the anesthetic wears off, you can take pain medication.

Can I eat after I get a filling?

You can eat after you receive a filling. However, you must eat soft foods and avoid hard, sticky, and crunchy foods that could damage or loosen your filling.

What happens if my cavity is too big for a filling? 

We will cover your tooth with a dental crown if your cavity is too big for a filling alone. A dental crown fully covers a tooth like a cap and uses tooth-colored materials to blend in with other natural teeth.

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