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Do you have yellowed teeth? Are your teeth stained from too much coffee or cola drinks? Dr. Dhara Patel and her professional dental care associates at Best Dental Spa provide teeth whitening in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Teeth can discolor over time due to diet, poor oral hygiene, or smoking habits. However, sometimes, medications you’re taking or genetics cause discolored teeth. If we determine that traditional teeth whitening is not for you, we may recommend other effective cosmetic dental treatments.

Affordable teeth whitening in Hoffman Estates, IL

Why Are My Teeth Discolored?

Discoloration can occur in many different ways. For starters, it naturally happens as we age. Our outer layer of tooth enamel gets thinner, exposing more of the dentin layer underneath. Dentin is naturally an off-white or yellowish color, so you’re seeing this.

Your lifestyle habits can contribute to tooth discoloration as well. Smoking and drinking coffee or other dark drinks regularly will stain your teeth the more you use them. If you have a continuing habit over a long period of time, the darker the staining you’ll have will be. Certain medications can cause this, too, particularly if you took them while your mouth was developing and changing.

Trauma can also discolor teeth. If you have a “dead” tooth, it’ll turn a gray color because it’s no longer getting any blood flow. This can happen because of a hit to the tooth or because of decay.

During a cosmetic consultation at our office, Dr. Patel will do a full oral exam to ensure teeth whitening is the best solution for your discolored teeth. In some cases, like a dead tooth, teeth whitening won’t successfully eliminate the discoloration. We offer options like dental bonding or porcelain veneers to get the whiter smile you desire.

Teeth Whitening in Hoffman Estates, IL

Those who have tried less-than-effective teeth whitening methods can benefit from professional teeth whitening from Dr. Patel. Best Dental Spa offers in-office Zoom whitening and at-home treatment with whitening trays.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that does not damage the teeth or gums. Professional bleaching agents with tooth sensitivity in mind are painless while providing long-lasting results. Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments found in supermarkets and drugstores are usually not effective enough to whiten teeth. Professional teeth whitening overseen by a dentist can lighten teeth by multiple shades.

Our office provides in-office and take-home whitening for your convenience:

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Dr. Patel provides patients with the convenience of take-home teeth whitening treatment. She will provide you with bleaching trays that are custom-fit to your teeth. At your appointment, she will take dental impressions for the bleaching trays.

The flexible trays hold professional-grade bleaching gel. Because the trays are made for your smile specifically, they protect your gums and soft tissue from coming into contact with the gel. Eliminating this contact helps to prevent sensitivity due to the gel.

Dr. Patel will create a personalized treatment plan for your specific needs. It includes how long to wear the trays each night and how long the overall treatment will be. Sometimes we recommend that you wear the trays overnight. Following your specific instructions will help you get the best results.

Your teeth will gradually get whiter until they’re the shade you want. Ensure you visit our office twice yearly to ensure your teeth stay healthy.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is usually done when you have an event coming up, and you need to get a whiter smile quickly. We offer Zoom! Teeth whitening in our dentist office. In about an hour at our office, you can leave with teeth up to eight shades whiter! You’ll see immediate results, but they’ll also improve after the treatment. You should see the full effects about 24 hours after your appointment.

For in-office teeth whitening, we protect your gums from the bleaching agent. Once this is done, Dr. Patel paints whitening gel onto your teeth. The staff gives you sunglasses to protect your eyes. A special light activates the whitening agent in the gel. You’re there for a certain amount of time until the treatment is complete.

The benefits of teeth whitening treatment include:

  • Long-lasting treatment
  • Improved tooth health
  • Brighter teeth
  • Reversed effects of aging on teeth
  • Improved confidence

Whitening your teeth not only improves the aesthetics of your smile but your oral health as well. Patients who undergo tooth whitening treatment often ensure that they visit the dentist regularly and properly care for their teeth. Wanting to maintain a bright smile can benefit the health of teeth and gums.

Alternatives to Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Many stains are extrinsic, meaning outside factors stain the outer layer of teeth. However, you may also have intrinsic stains that do not react to teeth whitening in our Hoffman Estates, IL office. Intrinsic stains are within the tooth. Hits to the tooth, medical reactions and other factors can create intrinsic stains.

Dr. Patel will work with you to find a treatment to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Several cosmetic and restorative treatments can cover intrinsic stains:

  • Porcelain Veneers: We bond thin shell-like veneers to the front teeth. Dental veneers can cover deep tooth stains in the smile line.
  • Tooth Bonding: Bonding is best for single-stained teeth. Teeth can turn grey after an injury and do not react to whitening treatments. Covering the tooth with tooth-colored bonding material helps it blend in with the rest of the smile.
  • Dental Crowns: Dental crowns are best for patients with damaged and discolored teeth. Crowns cover single teeth like caps. Worn and discolored teeth will require extra support to improve the look and function of the smile.

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Teeth Whitening Hoffman Estates IL

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Does professional whitening weaken your teeth?

No evidence has shown that professional teeth whitening damages a patient’s teeth. The dentist applies whitening gel to the surface of a patient’s teeth. It does not harm the bone or enamel.

How long do professionally whitened teeth last?

The length of time teeth whitening treatment lasts varies from patient to patient and depends on the type of bleaching agent the dentist uses. On average, teeth whitening results may last anywhere from six months to three years.

How long after teeth whitening can I drink coffee?

After having professional teeth whitening treatment, we recommend avoiding coffee. It’s best to avoid coffee for at least 48 hours after treatment to let the whitening effects fully run their course. Coffee is known to stain teeth. If you want whiter teeth, avoiding coffee or drinking it through a straw is in your best interest.

What causes teeth discoloration?

There are a number of factors that cause teeth discoloration. Certain foods and drinks, such as coffee, tea, and soda can stain teeth. Smoking and tobacco use can also cause significant discoloration. Moreover, poor oral hygiene, which leads to plaque and tartar buildup, can make teeth appear yellow.

We should also point out that aging thins enamel, revealing the yellowish dentin beneath. Certain medications and excessive fluoride exposure during tooth development can also cause discoloration. Our office can address most types of discoloration with professional whitening treatments or veneers.

Should I get my teeth cleaned before whitening?

Getting your teeth cleaned before whitening is a smart move. A professional cleaning removes surface stains and plaque. This allows the whitening agent to work more effectively. Furthermore, clean teeth absorb the whitening gel more evenly, resulting in better outcomes. We recommend scheduling a cleaning about a week before your whitening treatment for optimal results.

How often can you do teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening frequency varies by patient. Most dentists recommend touch-ups every 6 to 12 months. Your lifestyle habits can affect how often you might need whitening. Over-whitening can lead to sensitivity and enamel damage. We’ll help you create a personalized whitening plan that brightens your smile without risking your dental health.

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