Sedation Dentistry Hoffman Estates, IL

Many people suffer from dental fear and anxiety that may prevent them from visiting the dentist. Avoiding the dentist can eventually result in complex dental problems associated with poor oral health. Our Hoffman Estates dental office is uniquely designed with patient comfort in mind. Sedation dentistry in our Hoffman Estates, IL office can be a stress-free way to maintain oral health and improve your smile. We use dental sedation options so our patients will feel minimal discomfort or pain when we provide general dentistry services. Because this solution is painless, it helps us provide dental work that may be anxiety-inducing otherwise.

Dr. Dhara Patel is trained in sedation dentistry and provides nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to patients of all ages. She can also work with a local provider for IV sedation. If you need lengthy dental care or feel anxious about treatment, she will work with you to help you get needed care.

Sedation Dentistry in Hoffman Estates, IL

The Benefits of Dental Sedation

Sedation dentistry in Hoffman Estates, IL, can benefit patients who want to feel relaxed during treatment. Dental sedation:

  • Can provide pain-free dental care
  • Allows dentists to work faster
  • Can provide anxiety-relief
  • Reduces the gag reflex
  • Ensures the patient doesn’t remember the surgery

Sedation dentistry can also benefit patients with the following conditions:

  • Patients with dental fear or anxiety
  • Those with a poor gag reflex
  • Patients with a low tolerance for pain
  • Those who need multiple dental treatments in one visit
  • Patients with disabilities or movement disorder
  • Special needs patients
  • Those who have a fear of needles, blood, or loud noises

Dental anxiety and dental fear are common problems. Many patients avoid the dentist for years because of dental phobia. Our office understands this and will work with you if you have anxiety about visiting our office. Call us, and we can help provide accommodation. In addition to dental sedation, we will recommend calming techniques so you feel comfortable in the dental chair.

We encourage you to bring music, noise-canceling headphones, or a stress ball to distract you during your visit. Our team can agree on a signal to pause treatment as needed.

Sedation Dentistry Treatment in Hoffman Estates, IL

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen during treatment. We then administer them through a nasal mask. This solution takes effect quickly and allows you to remain conscious during dental procedures.

Laughing gas will help you feel calm and relaxed. While you may feel sensation during your traetment, you will not feel pain. We can also use laughing gas with other types of sedation.

Oral conscious sedation uses sedatives that you will take before your procedure. This sedation is pain-free and safe for patients. We will provide you with medication you will take an hour before treatment. Because every patient has a different metabolism, we recommend you have a ride to and from your appointment.

Once it takes effect, you will still be awake but feel sleepy. You can also follow directions as needed. As with laughing gas, you will feel relaxed under oral conscious sedation.

Dr. Patel can coordinate in-office IV sedation for patients. IV sedation is a general form of anesthesia requiring a licensed anesthetist to administer and monitor the patient. Dr. Patel will discuss your medical history to ensure a safe experience. With general IV sedation, you are “asleep” and not aware of or responsive to your surroundings. IV sedation is a deeper sedation, which is also called “twilight sedation.”

Who is a Bad Candidate for Dental Sedation?

Before treatment, Dr. Patel reviews your allergies, medical history, medications, and any current medical problems. Medications or medical conditions can negatively interact with some sedations more than others.

Some types of sedation will not interact well with patients who have these conditions:

  • Allergies to anti-anxiety medications
  • Liver or kidney problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Sleep apnea

Dr. Patel will recommend the best sedation type based on your needs. Additionally, if you have a fear of needles, she will not recommend IV sedation. Dr. Patel will customize your care to work for you.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Learn more about comfortable dental treatment in our office with answers to these commonly asked questions:

How long does it take for oral sedation to work?

With oral conscious sedation, you take a prescribed pill about an hour before your procedure. It needs more time to take effect than laughing gas. Because of this, you need a ride to and from your dental visit. You may not know when it will take effect.

Can you drive after a sedation procedure?

Laughing gas wears off quickly. It’s the only form of sedation where you can drive yourself home after your procedure. You need transportation to and from our office under other types of sedation. You’re also likely to feel the effects of sedation after longer treatments. We will not recommend driving after IV or oral conscious sedation.

Do you offer sedation for anxious children and teens?

Dr. Patel works with patients who experience dental anxiety daily. She aims to deliver safe and effective dental care compassionately.

Our office may recommend nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” for younger patients as needed. Laughing gas is one of the safest options for younger patients. We easily control the amount of gas they receive during treatment. Once we complete the treatment, we increase the amount of oxygen to reduce the effects of laughing gas.

What effect does nitrous oxide have on the body?

Nitrous oxide slows down your brain and your body’s responses. You may feel happy, relaxed, and calm. Under laughing gas, you may also feel a tingling sensation in your arms and legs. You can also feel lightheaded. Laughing gas will numb your response to pain, so you will not feel discomfort.

Get Relaxing Care Today

Do you avoid the dentist because of anxiety? Are you looking for a way to get dental care without pain or discomfort? Call Best Dental Spa for pain-free dental care at 847.660.6603. You can also schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel online. Dr. Patel is here to help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair so you can get dental care.


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