Single Dental Implant Hoffman Estates, IL

Dr. Dhara Patel is an experienced restorative dentist in Hoffman Estates, IL. If you have a missing tooth, she can replace it with an affordable dental implant. This quality tooth replacement solution will look completely natural and offers more health benefits than any other solution.

Single Dental Implant Hoffman Estates Illinois

Single-Tooth Dental Implant

There are several options available that can replace a tooth. However, a dental implant is the most natural. It is growing in popularity due to how realistic it looks and feels. The other options you can choose include a dental bridge or partial denture, but those options come with many downfalls.

A single-tooth implant is better for oral health because it replaces the tooth at the root and does not harm any remaining teeth. Since the implant replaces the tooth root, you don’t need to worry about bone loss in your jaw.

A dental bridge often replaces a single tooth. This option will only replace the tooth and not the missing root. Therefore, the underlying bone will slowly deteriorate over the years. It also requires the use of healthy, remaining teeth. We grind down the two teeth (or sometimes one) adjacent to the gap to secure the bridge. They take on extra stress as well. However, this is an affordable option to replace a tooth if you do not qualify for an implant.

A partial denture, often called a flipper tooth, is never meant to be a permanent solution for a missing tooth. It is not stable enough to eat a proper diet and requires using surrounding teeth to help hold it in place. It is typically used as a temporary solution.

Parts of a Single Dental Implant

There are three parts that make a single-tooth dental implant. We connect these pieces to create a realistic replacement tooth that we can place anywhere in the mouth.

  • Fixture – A fixture, which is the actual implant post, is the first and most important part. It is surgically placed in the jaw bone and will eventually completely fuse with the surrounding bone after a few months.
  • Abutment – After the implant has completely fused, the abutment will be attached. This small piece is like the connector piece for the implant and dental crown.
  • Dental crown – The last part is the dental crown. The piece of the single-tooth implant is visible and mimics a real tooth.

How much does a single-tooth implant cost?

A single dental implant can replace one tooth for about $1,500 – $5,000. This broad price range is due to the many factors influencing the total cost. (It may even cost more or less than that.) The current state of your oral health, dental insurance coverage, and the types of materials used will all affect your out-of-pocket cost.

Replacing your tooth with a dental implant secured crown is the best option for your health and aesthetic reasons. Contact Dr. Patel in Hoffman Estates, IL to schedule a consultation by requesting an appointment online.