4 Benefits from Dental Crowns

Damaged teeth are often vulnerable to further harm and deterioration from external elements. In these cases, dentists treat the tooth with a dental crown, a cap that covers a tooth and shields it from stimuli.

Patients can feel nervous if they require dental work, but crowns can bring relief to dental patients in many ways. Best Dental Spa, a dental practice in Hoffman Estates, IL, describes four benefits you will notice with restorative treatment from dental crowns.

dental crown benefits in Hoffman Estates Illinois

Replace Weakened Enamel

Over time, the outer surface of your tooth, called enamel, can deteriorate and expose underlying dentin. Dentin contains nerves that send pain signals to the brain when stimulated in a condition called tooth sensitivity.

A dental crown can replace enamel that may have thinned or weakened. The cap can alleviate tooth sensitivity by shielding dentin from external agents.

Fix Fractured Teeth

Teeth are durable, but accidents can occur under extreme amounts of pressure, causing chips, cracks, or fractures in your teeth. While minor damage can be amended with cosmetic solutions like tooth bonding, more severe teeth breakage must be treated with a dental crown. The crown covers the fracture, protecting it from further breakage and restoring your smile’s appearance.

Whiten Your Smile

A dental crown is custom-made with the unique size, color, and shape of your teeth in mind. This ensures a natural and beautiful look for your healthy smile.

You can talk to your dentist about your smile aesthetic goals so that a dental crown can help you whiten the affected teeth and achieve the smile of your dreams.

Protect Teeth After Surgery

A dental crown is a useful tool on its own, but dentists also utilize crowns during other restorative dental treatments. After root canal therapy, a dentist will cover the treated tooth with a crown to preserve the vulnerable tooth cavity.

Dentists also use dental crowns as prosthetics attached to an abutment above the gumline of a dental implant. The crowns are durable and ensure patients receive a permanent and effective tooth replacement solution.

Dental Crowns and More in Hoffman Estates, IL

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