Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth loss affects millions of Americans, impacting their quality of life. They may see a correlation between a change in their smile and their ability to participate socially and professionally. But these people can find relief with tooth replacement solutions at their dentist’s office.

A dentist can evaluate your dental health and find the ideal treatment to restore your smile in the wake of tooth loss. They can offer several types of solutions, depending on your dental structure, aesthetic goals, and budget. Read on to find four of the many oral health benefits you can experience when you replace missing teeth with help from your dentist.

replace missing teeth with restorative dental treatment

4 Benefits of Tooth Replacement Treatment

Restore Oral Capabilities

If you lose one or more teeth, you will likely notice difficulties in executing your usual oral functions. You might have trouble speaking, chewing, biting, and more, and this could majorly affect your daily routine. You may start to avoid certain foods because you cannot consume them easily, and this could lead to nutrition concerns and other health issues.

Your dentist can give you a tooth replacement solution, either removable or fixed, that can allow you to talk and eat without issue once again. Custom dental prosthetics will ensure a secure and comfortable fit for your oral appliance. You can perform oral functions with confidence and without stressing that the device might slip out of place at an inopportune moment.

Prevent Further Dental Concerns

When you are missing teeth, food particles, bacteria, and other harmful residues can reach these gaps in your smile. They can settle there, where you might have trouble cleaning with your usual oral hygiene routine.

If these particles linger in your mouth, they can heighten your risk for gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental dangers. These issues can cause major structural damage to your smile. So you should reduce this risk by seeking tooth replacement treatment from your dentist.

Preserve Dental and Facial Structure

If you do not replace missing teeth, your smile may face further oral health complications. Your jawbone relies on the roots of your teeth to keep it stimulated and healthy. Tooth loss means the jaw loses this stimulation, and the bone might deteriorate in the tooth root’s absence.

This can lead to the appearance of sagging in the face. The remaining teeth might also shift as the jawbone weakens. To preserve your dental and facial structure, ask your dentist about implant dentistry. A dental implant features an anchor surgically placed in the jaw that will replace the missing tooth root, stimulating and protecting the jawbone.

Fill Gaps in Your Smile

Missing teeth will leave you with visible gaps in your smile that can detract from its overall look. You might feel self-conscious about the way that your teeth appear, which can affect the confidence you carry.

When your dentist gives you prosthetic teeth, they build your tooth replacements on an individualized basis. They will factor in the unique size and shape of your mouth and will provide you with a gorgeous, natural-looking finish that you can feel proud of. Schedule a consult with your dentist to learn which type of tooth replacement treatment will best suit your needs.