Consider Dental Botox for the Holidays

The holiday season brings many opportunities to celebrate with friends and family. If you feel unhappy about the way your skin appears on your face, you might feel self-consciousness holding you back from enjoying this happy time of year as fully as you would like.

You can speak to your dentist about Botox cosmetic treatment, a targeted medication that can reduce signs of aging within the face. This injection also yields oral health benefits. It relaxes tense muscles around the mouth to treat chronic jaw pain and habits like teeth grinding.

Plus, health experts agree that incoming cooler weather can enhance your recovery following this procedure. Read on to learn details about why now is the best time to experience Botox treatment from your dentist.

Consider Dental Botox for the Holidays

Cosmetic Enhancement Before Your Special Celebration

The ingredients in Botox work as a mild paralytic to minimize movement in certain muscles within the face. As a result, you can prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. The treatment will also minimize the appearance of existing aesthetic issues.

Botox treatment lasts for around three to five months. So pursuing this cosmetic procedure now means that you can enjoy the advantages throughout the entire holiday season. Touch-ups will be available at your dentist’s office if you notice effects beginning to fade.

Your dentist specializes in oral health, meaning they understand the muscles surrounding the mouth along with your teeth and gums. This expertise makes them ideal providers of Botox for the face.

You will see some immediate benefits following a Botox injection. But patients usually experience complete results after one or two weeks. So plan around big events accordingly so that you can look forward to showing off your new, youthful skin during the holidays.

Better Botox Recovery During Cold Weather

A patient might notice some redness in the direct aftermath of Botox treatment as the skin heals from the procedure. But cooler temperatures in the fall and winter months can reduce the chances of swelling and other skin irritations when recovering during those first few days after treatment.

Your dentist will also ask you to avoid direct sunlight to prevent aggravating the sensitive skin during this recovery period. With the weather cold and the sunlight less harsh in the winter, this aftercare will be easier to accomplish. Cold and dry weather also lowers your risk of sweating, an activity which may also disrupt the skin’s healing process.

For this reason, you can have an easier, less stressful time enjoying the benefits of your Botox treatment if you schedule it during the colder part of the year. If you are curious about how Botox will suit your needs, now could be the perfect time to explore this treatment.

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