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Best Dental Spa is located in Hoffman Estates, IL, but we’re welcoming patients from surrounding communities that are looking for the absolute best dental care. If you’re searching for a dentist in Schaumburg, IL, or other areas we serve, we’re here to help. Learn more about our office’s offerings and the dedication we have to create beautiful smiles.

dentist in schaumburg, illinois

A Specialty in Prosthodontics

Dr. Dhara Patel is highly trained in the area of prosthodontics. Prosthodontics is a dentistry specialization that focuses on taking care of problems that are related to missing teeth and the structure of your jaw. With her training, she can expertly diagnose and treat complex dental concerns. We treat severe gum disease, TMJ disorders, and missing teeth.

We also provide full mouth reconstructions if you have multiple oral health problems. It’s important to restore your smile, both for aesthetic purposes and for the sake of your oral health. You need to have a smile that’s functional in order for you to be able to live your life normally. Our goal is to get that back for you.

Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement. Whenever possible, we recommend they replace your missing teeth. Unlike other options, they replace the tooth root in addition to the crown. This gives you back almost 100% of your bite function. You don’t have to remove certain foods from your diet.

For a full mouth reconstruction, we talk to you about your past medical history, current concerns, smile goals, and budget. We perform a full oral exam and determine the biggest problems. This lets us create a personalized treatment plan that’s specific to your unique needs.

Versatile Dental Crown Treatment

Dental crowns are one of the many treatment options we offer at our dentist office. But they’re one of the most versatile, able to treat both cosmetic and restorative oral health concerns. Discolored teeth are a common problem usually treated with teeth whitening. But not all discoloration responds to that treatment. We color-match dental crowns to the shade you desire, and they completely cover your discolored tooth.

Dental crowns can replace or fix the defects caused by broken or misshapen teeth. They give you back the full portion of your tooth that has broken off. Misshapen teeth aren’t only a cosmetic issue. Depending on where they are in your mouth and the defect, they can impact your speech and chewing abilities.

When your tooth is severely damaged or decayed, a dental crown is the last line of defense before extraction is necessary. It can hold together parts of the tooth that have fractured. This allows us to preserve the tooth root and avoid the complications that come with a missing tooth.

One of the most common uses for a dental crown is to stabilize natural teeth. After a root canal, the hollow part of the tooth is refilled and sealed off. But we want to ensure you get the full function of that tooth back. A crown provides that. It can also support anchor teeth for a dental bridge. They take on the stress of the bridge, protecting your natural teeth.

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