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At Best Dental Spa, our mission is to provide the best dental care possible to our Hoffman Estates community and the surrounding ones. If you’re looking for a dentist in South Barrington, IL, our office welcomes new patients from the area. Our office is equipped with highly-trained dentists and staff, advanced technology, and specialized services to meet all of your dental in south barrington, illinois

Cosmetic Care in a Spa-Like Environment

Not only do we perform cosmetic dentistry services, but we also offer cosmetic procedures for the face. Botox, dermal fillers, and Hydrafacials are all services you can get at our dentist office. When we perform cosmetic dentistry, we’re focused on the health and aesthetics of your smile. We believe your face should also highlight your beautiful smile so it stands out even more.

When you think of getting cosmetic injections, you usually don’t think about going to your dentist office. But dentists are ideal providers of Botox and dermal fillers. They have extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal structure of your face and are used to performing the treatment in difficult areas. They’re able to accurately inject these products into the areas of the face that’ll bring the most benefit to you.

Botox also has benefits that extend to your oral health. The chief goal of Botox is to relax certain muscles so that they don’t contract. While this is meant to treat wrinkles, it can also benefit TMJ disorders. When you have TMJ, the facial muscles that control your jaw become strained and tense. Botox can help the muscles relax, alleviating that pain.

Our Hydrafacial offering provides a non-invasive treatment option to rejuvenate your face and skin. The wand opens up the pores in your skin, deep cleaning them before providing moisturizer and other nutrients vital to your skin. You can also choose certain boosts to address other specific concerns you have for your skin.

Complete Dental Implant Services

Our office boasts one of the best prosthodontists in the area. Prosthodontics specifically deals with missing teeth and the consequences that come with them. Typically, we recommend dental implants whenever possible. They’re the gold standard of tooth replacement and provide many benefits for your overall oral health.

Each dental implant solution is unique to the individual. We do a thorough examination of your mouth and discuss your goals, medical history, and budget to ensure we get the best choice to fit your exact needs. Dental implants can be single or multiple, replacing anywhere from a single tooth to an entire arch of missing teeth.

The All-on-Four procedure is the best way to replace an arch of missing teeth. It combines the best parts of traditional dentures and dental implants. You get as few as four dental implants placed to support a full arch of false teeth. You have the convenience of dentures but still get all of the benefits that dental implants provide.

Dental implants are so recommended because of the many benefits they provide. They’re the only solution that replaces the tooth root and the crown. They stimulate jawbone regeneration, eliminating your sagging face from tooth loss. They also offer unmatched stability and give you back almost 100% of your normal bite function.

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